Blue Martini St Martin-Vegetarian Review

Blue Martini St Martin Vegetarian

Blue Martini Bistro is located in Grand Case, a small town on the French side of the Caribbean island of St. Martin. Well known throughout the Caribbean for a foodie hot spot, Grand Case surely has a reputation. At one point, some of the best chefs from around the world would come to Grand Case, making it one of the food capitals of the Caribbean. Blue Martini Bistro, like many of Grand Case’s restaurants, is only open for dinner service. While walking past, the vegetarian options drew me into dining here. Enjoy this Blue Martini St Martin Vegetarian review!

Blue Martini Bistro-Grand Case

Blue Martini St Martin Vegetarian

Located in the northern part of the beach town of Grand Case, Blue Martini Bistro is a hip and fun restaurant with an open air concept. Grand Case is probably the second most popular town on the French side, next to Orient Beach. Known for being a great place for live music and dancing, this restaurant popular. The restaurant regularly has live music performers with plenty of space for dancing. They also offer some party styled games to play, similar to foosball and pool. The vibe at Blue Martini is fresh and young, with a laid back island atmosphere.

Grand Case was one of the most affected neighborhoods from the 2017 Hurricane Irma. The town sits directly on the beach with very little protection from the elements. This creates a beautiful and unique Caribbean town experience, but leaves the town vulnerable for hurricanes. Since Hurricane Irma, Grand Case has worked hard to rebuild, but they still have a far way to go. The town is still very badly bruised, but they are making more progress every day. Blue Martini seemed to be in great shape. I’m not sure whether or not the restaurant is new or just was updated, but it’s a beautiful spot.

Vegetarian Options

Grand Case is mostly known for being a big seafood town, but I was pleasantly surprised to find some vegetarian and vegan options. I highly recommend just walking down the main road and browsing the different restaurant menus. There are so many different styles of cuisine available in the Grand Case town. Blue Martini Bistro caught my eye because I saw several vegetarian options on their menu


Blue Martini St Martin Vegetarian

For our appetizer at Blue Martini Bistro, we tried their Beignets de Portobello. These are beer battered portobello mushrooms served with a tartar sauce. I have a strong opinion that you could make serve anything deep fried and it would be delicious. This was no exception. These mushrooms were served over some greens and sun-dried tomatoes. Everything about this appetizer was delicious. I highly recommend it!

Main Course

Blue Martini St Martin Vegetarian

For my main course, I tried their veggie burgers which appropriately named, Le Veggie. This veggie burger was a grilled portobello mushroom with goat cheese, fresh spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, and basil. I may have been overdosing on portobello mushrooms. This was one of the best burgers I had while on St. Martin. The french fries were fantastic. The bun was super fresh. This entire dish was a 10/10. If you want this entree vegan, be sure to ask the server.

Overall Thoughts

Blue Martini St Martin Vegetarian

Overall, I highly recommend Blue Martini Bistro. To start off, the cocktails were amazing. I’m always a huge fan of specialty cocktails. This place had some really interesting cocktails. Your drinks will be served strong, as I found out after a few. LOL. With spectacular food, great service, and a chill vibe, Blue Martini does it right! I only wish this place was open for lunch then I’d be there everyday! I hope you enjoyed this Blue Martini St Martin vegetarian review!

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