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Grand Case St Martin Vegan Vegetarian

Grand Case St Martin-Vegan and Vegetarian Guide

Your guide to traveling Grand Case, St. Martin as a vegan or vegetarian!

Grand Case St Martin Vegan Vegetarian

Grand Case is a beachfront town located on the northwestern side of the Caribbean island of St. Martin. Known as being one of the Caribbean cuisine capital’s, this French town offers up much variety to all who visit Grand Case. I have had the pleasure of visiting Grand Case multiple times, so I have seen Grand Case in many different forms. The restaurants that line the waterfront have many different options, with some vegetarian and vegan options available. As always, there are plenty of restaurants that I haven’t been to that may also have additional options. Always checkout HappyCow for a directory! I hope you enjoy this Grand Case St Martin Vegan Vegetarian guide!

Unfortunately after the 2017 Hurricane Irma, Grand Case is having a hard time recovering. Due to the proximity to the waterfront, Grand Case was hit pretty bad from the hurricane. Years later, many buildings are still in rough shape with many still being completely destroyed. BUT, the people of St Martin have been working very hard to try to restore this great town to its prior glory! Many of the restaurants have recieved complete renovations. When you’re inside the restaurants, you would never know of the destruction. It’s important to support these local businesses in these times of trouble.

Grand Case Beach

Grand Case Beach has the calmest waters of the entire island. The beach here has shrunk quite a bit over the years, but that gorgeous cerulean blue water is still the same. I always like to bring a beach chair with a beer and have a nice beach day here. There is plenty of space to setup your own beach gear or to rent some beach day equipment as well! My favorite part of Grand Case Beach is how calm the water is, almost as calm a swimming pool. This is a great beach for children or others who might be more intimidated by the larger waves of other beaches on St. Martin!

The Best Restaurants in Grand Case St Martin for Vegan and Vegetarian Options!

1. Ocean82

Ocean 82 St Martin
Risotto aux Cepes

Ocean82 takes the top spot on my list, not just because of great food but for a great overall experience. Known for being a fine dining restaurant, Ocean82 offers a full separate vegetarian menu with many great food options. Vegan options are highly limited though. I recommend either their gnocchi or their risotto for your main course. Be prepared to spend some money at Ocean82, but it is highly worth the price. From great service to great cocktails to a fantastic view of the ocean, you are sure to have a fantastic time at Ocean82!

2. Blue Martini

Blue Martini St Martin Vegetarian
Fried Portobello Mushroom Appetizer

Blue Martini St Martin Vegetarian
Grilled Portobello Burger

Blue Martini is a very fun open air restaurant specializing in live music, dancing, and great food. The vegetarian options at Blue Martini are truly fantastic and delicious. Vegan options once again are a little bit harder to find, but I believe some items on the menu could be modified for vegans. My favorite thing about Blue Martini is the overall vibe. With a beachy, young, and fun atmosphere, this is a great place to come have a few drinks, play some bar games, listen to some live music and have a nice veggie burger. I highly recommend their portobello burger! If you’re looking for a laid back and chill place for a great night out, Blue Martini is the spot for you!

3. Le Temps Des Cerises

Le Temps Des Cerises Vegan
Caribbean Salad

Le Temps Des Cerises is a boutique hotel directly on Grand Case beach with a fantastic bar and restaurant. The restaurant and hotel have beachfront chairs where you can be served lunch and then enjoy a nice swim afterwards. LTC has a fresh, energetic, and young vibe to the design. The food was pretty good, I just had a vegan salad. As far as other vegan and vegetarian options, there were only a few. I recommend this place for anyone looking for an entire day experience. Come have some lunch on the beach, have some cocktails, go for a swim, lounge in that gorgeous Caribbean sun! Le Temps Des Cerises is a great place to come watch the sunset as well! Be sure to check them out!

4. Sky’s the Limit

Sky's The Limit St Martin
Vegetarian Plate

Sky’s the Limit is a food stand in a courtyard of outdoor grilling restaurants. This stand caught my eye originally as the only vendor I noticed offering a vegetarian plate. Vegan options are almost nonexistent here so I would not recommend this place for vegans. My vegetarian plate was just a compilation of sides, but I still enjoyed it quite a bit. Local Caribbean flavors are the highlight of coming to a stand like this. You will truly have a local experience. You will see many locals at these food vendors, not just tourists. I hope you enjoy your experience at Sky’s the Limit!

Vegan and Vegetarian Options Overview

Overall, Grand Case has some nice options for vegetarians. Vegans, not so much. Finding good vegan food can be difficult in general in the Caribbean. As expected, seafood is the most common food you’ll find in these areas. The vegetarian dishes I had were absolutely fantastic though. I do wish there were more vegan specific options, but with time comes more opportunities. It’s worth mentioning that many restaurants in Grand Case are open for dinner service only. If you go to Grand Case during the day, your choices will be very limited. Grand Case truly comes alive at night, with locals and tourists alike all out and about having a fantastic evening. I hope you like this Grand Case St Martin Vegan Vegetarian guide and found it useful. I also hope that you love Grand Case just as much as I do!

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