Kontiki St Martin Vegan

Kontiki St Martin-Vegan Review

Kontiki St Martin Vegan

Located on the French side of the Caribbean island of St. Martin, Kontiki St Martin is a high end, beachfront restaurant offering direct access to Orient Beach. The vibe is very sophisticated at this French restaurant, specializing in gourmet Asian-fusion cuisine. As you are greeted by the Easter Island sculptures, you know you are about to have a great time. With great electro deep house music, fantastic cocktails, great food, and quick service, Kontiki is one restaurant on Orient Beach not to be missed. While vegan/vegetarian options were in short supply, I was still able to have a great meal along with a great experience at this restaurant. Enjoy this Kontiki St Martin vegan review.

Kontiki Restaurant

Kontiki St Martin Vegan

Kontiki is easily one of the nicest restaurants on Orient Beach. Orient Beach is easily my favorite beach on all of St. Martin, offering fantastic bars and restaurants directly on the beach. Orient Beach has a high end feel, even after dealing with rebuilding from Hurricane Irma in 2017, Kontiki was one of many restaurants to suffer extreme damage from the hurricane but has rebuilt stronger than ever. I had the pleasure of coming to Kontiki both before and after the hurricane, and they definitely worked hard to make their restaurant even better than before.

Kontiki not only offers fantastic food and drinks. Beach chairs with umbrellas are available to rent, just like most restaurants located on Orient Beach. If you decide to rent some beach chairs, the servers from Kontiki will circulate to serve drinks and food at your request. The music at Kontiki is some of the best beach music on Orient Beach in my opinion. While you won’t hear much Caribbean music, the electro tropical house vibe really creates a high end experience. Depending on when you visit, they usually have a live DJ come play around sunset on certain days. Be sure to check with the restaurant for more information if interested.

Vegan & Vegetarian Food Options

Like may restaurants in the Caribbean, plant-based food options can sometimes be difficult to find. Thankfully Kontiki had a few options to enjoy. Not many options, but something is better than nothing. Keep in mind that Kontiki is a bit pricey compared to other restaurants on Orient Beach.

Kontiki St Martin Vegan
Impossible Burger

If you have been following my blog, you’d know I was surprised to find the Impossible Burger available on Pinel Island at Karibuni. If you’ve never had the Impossible Burger before, it is a vegan burger that tastes literally 100% like real beef. Or at least as close to the real thing as possible. To my happy surprise, Kontiki also had the Impossible Burger. They served the burger with some french fries, a small side salad, and the usual burger stuffs. This was as delicious as ever, maybe even a little better than it was prepared on Pinel Island.

Also, Kontiki serves a vegetarian wrap. This wrap was also served with french fries, a small side salad, and was delicious as well. The wrap itself is stuffed with tomato, carrots, avocado, lettuce, and other veggies. The wrap was a nice, healthy lunch option. My partner enjoyed his wrap very much.

Kontiki St Martin Vegan
Vegetarian Wrap

Like most restaurants, Kontiki also offers many salad options. These could be modified for vegans/vegetarians if you preferred. I know many vegans get annoyed when the only option for them is a modified salad, me being one of them. With that said, I enjoyed the many different options at Kontiki St Martin vegan options.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I highly recommend Kontiki St Martin vegan and vegetarian options. While of course I would love to see some kind of tofu/tempeh option, I was still very pleased with my dining options. Depending on the day, service at Kontiki can sometimes be a little slow. This is because Kontiki is a popular excursion spot for those arriving on cruise ships. If you are going to be on St. Martin for a while, it may help to do some research into when the cruise ships will be arriving. Then, you can plan accordingly to try and miss these crowds. No matter what you will enjoy your experience.

Kontiki St Martin

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