La Trattoria St Martin

La Trattoria St Martin-Vegan Review

La Trattoria St Martin

La Trattoria is an Italian restaurant located on St. Martin’s Orient Beach. The restaurant is located in the restaurant square known as La Place – Le Village D’Orient. This gathering of restaurants is located just a block off of the Orient Beach. This is where you’ll find all of the restaurants in Orient Beach, aside from a few others. Here at La Place – Le Village D’Orient, you can find all kinds of different cuisines from around the world. As so, there are several French restaurants, Italian restaurants, and even an Asian restaurant. I had the pleasure of dining several times at one of the Italian restaurants, La Trattoria.This restaurant offers a vegan entree, which was my main interest. Enjoy this vegan review of La Trattoria St Martin.

La Trattoria St Martin

“La trattoria is an Italian restaurant, simple and unpretentious with accents of bella notte.” Like all of the restaurants in Le Village D’Orient, La Trattoria has been around for long time. Every time I have been to St. Martin, most of all the same restaurants remain. La Trattoria has some of the best Italian food I’ve ever had. Service is incredibly attentive and friendly. La Trattoria also makes the best gin martini that I’ve had in all of St. Martin. And that’s not even an exaggeration.

La Trattoria St Martin
Dirty Martini at La Trattoria

Vegan Food Options

La Trattoria St Martin
Eggplant Parmesan(Vegetarian)

My main interest in La Trattoria came from seeing that they offered a vegan entree. If you are looking for vegetarian food, this restaurant is amazing. I’ve never seen so much cheese in my entire life. They offer many vegetarian pizzas, pasta dishes, salads, and desserts. Also, you could have vegan pizza if you requested one without the cheese.

La Trattoria St Martin
Vegan Gnocchi

For my meal, I ordered the only vegan specific item on the menu; vegan gnocchi. Gnocchi are a traditional Italian pasta variety made of small dough dumplings in a sauce. Gnocchi very often has dairy, but this variety was prepared vegan. My entree was served with a red marinara sauce with fresh vegetables in the sauce. I have had gnocchi before, but never vegan. This was out of this world delicious. Also, the homemade marinara sauce was amazing. I can’t recommend this dish enough if you come to La Trattoria.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I can’t recommend La Trattoria enough. Whether you are coming for their vegan gnocchi or some vegetarian dishes, you will not disappointed. I appreciated that they offered a vegan pasta choice. It’s worth mentioning they also have gluten free dishes, even some gluten free pasta. La Trattoria definitely has something for everyone. Be sure to check them out if you come to this part of Orient Beach.

La Trattoria St Martin
Limoncello served complimentary at end of meal

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