Ocean 82 St Martin

Ocean 82 St Martin-Vegetarian Review

Ocean 82 St Martin

Ocean 82 is a fine dining restaurant in Grand Case on the French side of the Caribbean island of St. Martin. Grand Case is sometimes referred to as the food capital of the Caribbean. As you can expect, my expectations were pretty high. My main interest in Ocean 82 came when I saw their extensive vegetarian menu. Although being known for their seafood, I was assured that their vegetarian dishes were top notch. I hope you enjoy this Ocean 82 St Martin vegetarian review!

Ocean 82 St. Martin

Ocean 82 St Martin is a passionate seafood restaurant. Located directly overlooking the beautiful beach of Grand Case, this restaurant has an elegance rarely found on St Martin. The restaurant itself looks very new. This is probably due to the refurbishments required after Hurricane Irma. In 2017, Hurricane Irma all but destroyed the majority of this amazing Caribbean town. Three years later, Grand Case is still struggling to rebuild but is making phenomenal progress. When inside the restaurant, you would never know of the destruction. The interior design is simply beautiful.

Depending on the time of year that you visit, Ocean 82 is a fantastic spot to watch the sunset. The glass window-paned sea views are incredible at any time of the year though. You’ll enjoy a fine dining experience with that gorgeous warm Caribbean air and the sounds of the waves softly breaking on the beach. If you ask anyone where to eat for a fancy dinner out in Grand Case, most would recommend Ocean 82.

Vegetarian Options

Ocean 82 St Martin
Vegetarian menu at Ocean 82

Considering that Ocean 82 is touted as being a seafood restaurant, I was incredibly pleased to see such a fantastic vegetarian menu. Offering much more than just a salad, the menu offers all kinds of pasta dishes. The menu consisted of several soups, salads, appetizers, entrees, and desserts for vegetarians. Vegan options were fairly limited though. I’m sure if you requested a vegan dish, they could provide you with something great.


Ocean 82 St Martin
Roasted Eggplant stuffed with Mozzarella Appetizer

The vegetarian appetizer menu had many great options. We decided to order their eggplant appetizer. This consisted of roasted eggplant, stuffed with mozzarella di buffala. This was served with some tomato jam with basil on the side. As most things at this restaurant, prepare to spend some money. This appetizer alone was 19 euros. It was worth every penny! The naturally smokey flavor of the eggplant paired perfectly with the mozzarella. So, you will have to try this appetizer!

Main Course

Ocean 82 St Martin
Gnocchi in Creamy Thyme Sauce

The vegetarian main course menu consists mostly of pasta dishes. While there are several different options, many of the entrees seemed very similar to each other. For my main course, I ordered thie gnocchi parfumes a la creme de thyme. This was a vegetarian gnocchi dish served with fresh vegetables in a creamy thyme sauce.

Ocean 82 St Martin
Risotto aux Cepes

My partner ordered the risotto aux cepes. This is a vegetarian risotto with porcini mushrooms served with a cream sauce. While both pasta dishes were spectacular, they were nearly identical plate settings. The only main difference between the two was the type of pasta, or in this case rice, was used. Nevertheless, this was some truly incredible pasta.

Overall Thoughts

Ocean 82 St Martin

Overall, I absolutely loved my experience at Ocean 82 St Martin. To start, the service staff was incredible. Not only were they very attentive, their knowledge of the menu and passion for theirs jobs was very impressive. My meal started with a dirty gin martini, as usual. This was one of the best martinis I’ve had on all of St. Martin. And that’s saying something. As expected with a fine dining restaurant, everything here was very pricey. Especially when you take the conversion to US dollars for me. If you are looking for a really nice night out and don’t mind spending the extra money, this is the place for you. Ocean 82 is the best place in Grand Case for special night that you will never forget.

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