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Philipsburg St Maarten Vegan

Philipsburg St Maarten Vegan and Vegetarian Guide

Your guide to traveling Philipsburg, St. Maarten as a vegan or vegetarian!

Philipsburg St Maarten Vegan

Philipsburg is the capital of the Dutch side of the Caribbean island of St. Maarten. This beachfront town is lined with countless shops, restaurants and beach bars. Philipsburg is possibly the most well known area on the island due to its relationship with cruising. If you arrive to St. Maarten by cruise ship, you will be let out into Philipsburg. Whether you are in Philipsburg for the day on a cruise or staying on the island for a longer vacation, I hope you find value in this Philipsburg St Maarten Vegan and Vegetarian Guide!

1. Freedom Fighters Ital Shack

Freedom Fighters Ital Shack is my favorite vegan food shack in Philipsburg area! Although this Rastafarian shack may be just slightly outside downtown Philipsburg, you won’t find a more authentic Caribbean vegan experience. This is an Ital food shack, strictly making vegan and organic food. The atmosphere of the restaurant only elevates the simple yet delicious food. You will not be handed a menu. Instead you will be told what is available for the day and it is usually very similar day to day. If you can only visit one vegan restaurant in Philipsburg, make it Freedom Fighters Ital Shack!

2. Irie Gardens

Irie Gardens is vegetarian/mostly vegan restaurant in downtown Philipsburg. This restaurant stand offers great food at affordable pricing within the walking town of downtown Philipsburg. While you will find some vegan comfort food, Irie Gardens shines in their authentic Caribbean cuisine. I loved their plantain entree with lentils as pictured above. Don’t expect anything extraordinary from this restaurant, but they do very well with simple basic food. The upside to this place over Freedom Fighters Ital Shack is the location. If you are arriving by cruise ship, Irie Gardens fits nicely into a day of shopping and exploring the town while stopping for a quick lunch here. Be sure to check them out if in the area!

Additional Vegan and Vegetarian Options

The above mentioned restaurants are my official recommendation if you are visiting Philipsburg, but there may be options at other restaurants. There is another restaurant, Sheika’s Vegetarian & Caribbean Cuisine, that I would’ve loved to visit but didn’t have time. Sheika’s calls itself a vegetarian restaurant but I could only find vegetarian sides on their menu. The main menu was meat. But let me know if you go and how it is. You may be able to find some vegan options at the regular restaurants on the beach, but most likely it would just be a salad. You can find some popular chains in Philipsburg like Hard Rock Cafe, where you most likely could find a veggie burger or other veggie options. Wherever you decide to go, I hope this Philipsburg St Maarten Vegan and Vegetarian guide has helped you!

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Philipsburg St Maarten Vegan

Thank you all for checking out this Philipsburg St Maarten Vegan and Vegetarian Guide. I hope you found some value in it! Also, if you enjoyed the content, be sure to follow me on social media to stay updated on all of my latest content and travels!


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