Wai Plage St Martin Vegan

Wai Plage St Martin-Vegan Review

Wai Plage St Martin Vegan

Wai Plage is a Caribbean grill located on Orient Beach on the French side of the island of St. Martin. This restaurant is one of the newest additions to Orient Beach. During my two month stay on St. Martin, I would regularly walk past the construction of this restaurant. In the last two weeks of my trip, they officially opened for business. I’m not sure whether or not this was previously a different restaurant under a different name before Hurricane Irma, but I don’t remember ever seeing this restaurant on my 2017 visit pre-Irma. I hope you enjoy this Wai Plage St Martin vegan review!

Wai Plage Caribbean Grill

Wai Plage, like most other St. Martin restaurants, is a Caribbean grill specializing in seafood with traditional Caribbean flavors with a French flair. The atmosphere of the restaurant is a very typical beach-style bar, with a slight tiki, island vibe. Being a brand new restaurant, everything is in pristine condition. The service staff is incredibly attentive and friendly. As always, I suggest arriving slightly before noon if you are coming for lunch. This way you can usually beat the crowds and have a nice relaxed lunch.

Like most restaurants on Orient Beach, Wai Plage also offers beach chairs and umbrellas rentals. With your rental, you may also order cocktails and lunch to be served directly on the beach. Depending on the time of year, you can expect to pay around 10 euros per chair rental. There is an additional charge for the umbrella rental as well. While yes a bit pricey, this is the standard price on Orient Beach for rentals while at a restaurant. You can find cheaper places on Orient Beach to rent chairs, but these places usually don’t have restaurant or bar.

Wai Plage St Martin Vegan

Cocktails at Wai Plage are some of the best on Orient Beach. My favorite drink is their caipirinha, which is Brazil’s national cocktail. This cocktail is made of cachaça, sugar, and lime juice. They have a full bar setup and can make any drink you desire, while soaking up some of that gorgeous Caribbean sun. They pour their drinks pretty strong here, so you can be sure to be pretty relaxed after one or two cocktails.

Vegan Options

Although Wai Plage is mostly a seafood oriented restaurant, I was happily surprised to find a vegan specific option on their menu. Finding vegan/vegetarian food options in the Caribbean can sometimes be a bit difficult, unless you are willing to eat salad every day. If you missed my last post about Kontiki on Orient beach, you can check out that post here.

Wai Plage St Martin Vegan

For my meal at Wai Plage, I ordered their “vegan classic”. This is under their “Les Bokits Facon Wai” section, translated to being their Caribbean style sandwiches and are served with home made french fries. The vegan classic is a sandwich served with cucumber, tomato, carrots, sneak peas, mint, fried plantains, onions and tzatziki. Tzatziki is not typically vegan, as this usually contains dairy. I did not think in the moment to inquire about whether or not this was actually a vegan tzatziki. If you decide to go and ask, be sure to let me know if it’s actually vegan or not. Either way, this was one of the best Caribbean vegan sandwiches I’ve ever had. The plantains really give the sandwich that Caribbean style you’re looking for,

Wai Plage St Martin Vegan
Vegan Classic Caribbean Sandwich

Surprisingly, Wai Plage does not offer a vegan/veggie burger on their menu. Most of the beach restaurants I’ve been to on St. Martin have some form of beach veggie burger. Wai Plage has a fairly extensive salad section, which can easily be modified for vegans and vegetarians. This is not always the most exciting option, but it’s healthy and gets the job done.

Overall Thoughts

Wai Plage St Martin Vegan

Overall, I loved Wai Plage. I always appreciate having a vegan option that isn’t just a salad or veggies in a wrap. They clearly put some effort into providing something not only vegan but also in line with their Caribbean grill style. I only had the chance to visit Wai Plage once during my stay, but I would most definitely return in the future. The service staff here was incredibly friendly and always very attentive. You can’t go wrong coming to Wai Plage for lunch or even for the entire day of swimming on St. Martin’s most gorgeous beach.

Pinel St Martin

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